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Delivery App with manager platform.

Apps Android, iOS and Web Included.
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Having a delivery app is very easy


Make the Account

Click on the button "Sign Up" To start the registration without bureaucracy, you can be an individual or legal entity.

Configure the Service

Enter your basic service information as our team publishes your app and builds your menu.

Start taking orders

Ready! You will already be able to take orders from your audience and start building your customer database.

Why AppFood?

We have a constant goal of meeting all our customers' expectations, seeking to be the best solution in the industry.

We combine food with technology, we are focused on innovation.

We explored new concepts in the delivery business and found smart ways to work.

See in the following video.

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Your customers will love it!

Making it easy to place orders on your delivery is one of the best things you can do for your customers.

However, keeping them loyal, having them in an environment at your fingertips to send coupons, promotions and offering loyalty programs, rewards and rewards, is to make your delivery operation a unique experience. When you do something above average, you stand out!

With the Appfood platform you have all this and more tools to maintain a constant relationship with each of your customers dynamically!

Garanta agora uma operação de delivery independente.

Você quem manda em tudo, tenha sua plataforma de delivery totalmente independente e sem comissões.

See in the following video.

Delivery of Everything

With the Appfood delivery platform, you can operate with food delivery, product delivery, beverage delivery and service delivery as well.

done Bars, Restaurants and Diners

done Supermarkets and Conveniences

done Pharmacies and Miscellaneous Stores

done Miscellaneous Services

The best plan and without limits

Special discount for annual payment. All plans without loyalty agreement

App Web Version L I N K


Unlimited orders and no commissions

Only version web app

All features

30% OFF in the Annual Plan




With Paypal
Ou anual por 10x de 167,10

App Monthly


Unlimited orders and no commissions

Android, iOS and Web app

All features

30% OFF in the Annual Plan



With Paypal
Or annual per 1251,60


Our service solves overload problems for telephone or WhatsApp service.

Meet the maximum number of customers, simplify and streamline your delivery service so you don't miss any sales!

Use WhatsApp to solve really important things.


"I hired because I was overwhelmed with orders via WhatsApp, I didn't know how to handle it anymore and my business didn't grow. Sales increased because it was easier to order, I have financial control and full access to my audience to launch promotions, either by SMS or Notification. There's a lot of cool stuff!"

Edevaldo Cardoso

store Sushi do Brother


We already serve more than 800 restaurants!

Common Questions

Ask questions about AppFood and start right now with your own delivery app.

Check below the options you and your business identify with and know if you really need a delivery app:

I would like to have an online menu to send to customers and post to social networks.
I would like to serve my customers faster.
I want to deliver orders and have contact with all customers.
I want to be able to fulfill more orders without overwhelming my fulfillment.
I think filling orders with WhatsApp is only for those with very few customers.
I need to retain my customers with discount coupons, loyalty cards and other forms of marketing.
I take my delivery operation seriously and want to grow every day with full control of everything that happens.
I want to have payment control for motoboys, get sales reports and generate loose sales from customers with no internet experience.
I want to offer convenience, ease, practicality to my clients and give a professional image of my business.
I am willing to advertise my app and start gaining my own independent sales environment.
To get started with your own delivery application you need: 1 computer or notebook, internet and an 80mm non-tax thermal printer (optional).

You also need to have a motoboy to deliver orders.
Our contract is unfaithful and / or exclusive 👏 and may be canceled at any time. So you can use our platform for as long as you like, after all we are here to provide you with useful and really useful solutions for as long as you need them. 🤞
Chega a ser inacreditável como não vale a pena trocar a Appfood por construir algo por fora, veja porquê.

Para desenvolver seu app por fora, você precisa contratar 3 programadores para criarem as 3 versões (Android, iOS e Web), podendo não ficar com a mesma funcionalidade (devido a limitações de cada profissional), um orçamento em torno de 100mil reais + anuidade Apple $99 dólares e Google Play Store $25 dólares. Provavelmente um custo de R$750,00/mês de suporte dos 3 profissionais, pois você irá precisar com certeza e sempre.

Para manter o projeto no ar com pouco acesso você terá um custo mensal em torno de R$60,00 reais. Porém com pouco tempo de utilização, com o acesso de várias pessoas, você precisará contratar um servidor em torno de $70 dólares. E cada vez que sobrecarregar contratar um servidor ainda mais caro. E quando for fazer melhorias, terá que contactar os 3 profissionais, pagar pela melhoria e lançar uma nova versão dos seus 3 apps, solicitando todos os seus clientes que atualizem. Correndo o risco do seu app ser recusado na Apple ou Google.

Resumindo, custo inicial de R$100.769,00 reais para ter o seu app em mãos. O prazo para um app com plataforma de gestão com as funcionalidades básicas necessárias, gira em torno de 1 ano, caso os 3 profissionais trabalhem bem em equipe. E mensal entre R$800,00 e R$1.200,00 no início.

Com o serviço da Appfood você se livra do custo de desenvolvimento e anuidades, pagando apenas uma mensalidade fixa, sem se preocupar com a sobrecarga, atualizações, programadores, servidores e etc. Graças ao nosso modo inovador de desenvolvimento inteligente e 3 anos dedicados a melhorias todos os dias. E se um dia precisar interromper, é só suspender o serviço a qualquer momento.
By clicking " Sign Up ", you begin your registration and receive an immediate email requesting your logo and a photo of your menu.

Then you can configure your other restaurant information, such as accepted payment methods, opening hours, menu items, and so on, so that it is available to customers in the app.

Right now our team will be registering your menu and preparing your exclusive Android / iOS app and publishing it on the App Store and Play Store. This procedure lasts around 5 days 🚀

Once that's done, we'll call you to welcome you 😍 and introduce the Management Dashboard, the tool where you will receive app orders for your restaurant. Then you can start selling! ✅
Definitely not even both being delivery apps, they are different ways of selling.
See the difference:

DoorDash is a MarketPlace , meaning a portal that already has an audience and sells several restaurants in a single app. With DoorDash you do not pay for the delivery app, but to appear in surveys and receive the order flow from DoorDash's own customers who are from your region (which will never be yours). The cost is around 13% of sales plus a fixed monthly fee of about $ 100.00. Once you sign out of DoorDash or have a problem with how it works, your sales are stalled because you won't have contact with customers, bringing your sales from 100 to zero in no time. 👎
Does it mean that DoorDash is bad? 😧 Never! DoorDash is great especially for generating traffic 😍

AppFood is a proprietary delivery management platform that entitles you to have your own app with your name and brand, you no will pay commission that you would pay for DoorDash or Uber Eats, you will receive all payments directly from your customer, your app is available to your Android and iOS customers. All orders in your app are placed by your customers, which will be permanently stored in your database for future contacts. Then you can use AppFood in conjunction with DoorDash or Uber Eats, so you can have permanent contact with these customers, have greater control of their delivery rather than just dispatching orders.

🤔 Got it! But how do I do if I'm starting?

We offer the technology, not the public. But we have a unique client capture tool that uses Instagram and you won't see it in any other system already integrated at no extra cost.
With our service your customers pay you directly, in addition to face-to-face payment methods, we also provide online payment integration with Paypal 🚀
Yes! you have full autonomy to manipulate platform information and settings!
We are online to serve you at WhatsApp, click here to answer your questions with a consultant.
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